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Save the Date for June 2023

The Mid-Sized Law Firm Summit
Explore How Mid-Sized Law Firms Hold the Key to Transforming the Legal Service Delivery Model

ARK Group’s Mid-Sized Law Firm Summit will bring together professionals in legal service delivery, client experience, practice support, technology, and business development, to explore the unique competitive position that mid-sized law firms find themselves in today, providing tools to capitalize on the immense opportunity to innovate and thrive in this dynamic environment. 

Hear about opportunities for transforming service delivery, what mid-sized firms can do to claim top talent in the market, and strategies to transform your tech footprint. Hear real-life case examples and panel discussions crossing a variety of themes and leave equipped to ultimately outperform BigLaw. 

 Stay tuned for updates on next year's event!


ARK Group’s Mid-Sized Law Firm Summit is designed for mid- to senior-level legal professionals from mid-sized firms, corporate/in-house law departments, alternative legal service providers, and legal technology companies that have a vested interest in: 

  • Service Delivery

  • Client Experience

  • Technology

  • Financial Analysis

  • Process Improvement

  • Pricing and Profitability

  • Data and Analytics


  • Better understand the depth of opportunity facing small-to-mid-sized law firms today and how some firms are leveraging tech, scale, and agility in service delivery 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the competitive legal landscape while fine-tuning and calibrating for “the type of business that you are in”

  • Learn how mid-sized firms are attracting and retaining talent in the face of new working environments and talent wars

  • Understand what your peers are doing to create new engagement models with clients 
  • Learn how to scale and develop client value programs with a lean footprint 

  • Understand how COVID-19 stimulated systemic change in smaller and mid-sized law firms and enabled improvements to the bottom line

  • Learn how and why instituting a formal client feedback program can help mid-sized firms strengthen brand loyalty and capitalize on new opportunities

  • Recognize and overcome internal barriers to innovation

  • Learn why smaller and mid-sized law firms find themselves in a favorable position to capture greater market share and how to best identify and leverage competitive advantage relative to firm size and agility

  • Gain a forward-looking view into what to expect from the competitive market in the immediate couple of years